Tour Information

Instructors: Nicky Bay , Piotr Naskrecki, Thomas Shahan, and John Abbott
(Please note: changes in instructors may be necessary depending on workshop enrollment)

• Workshop is limited to 20 participants
• Workshop begins at 6:00 p.m. Sunday, May 20th, 2018 and concludes Wednesday, May 29, 2018
• Workshop is based out of Gornongosa National Park in Mozembique.

Topics include:
Macro & microphotography equipment
Lighting & flash
Working with live insects
Special techniques: focus stacking, high-speed flash
UV/Gif photography
Field sessions will explore a variety of habitats
Photo sharing, and critique and more!

Event kicks off with a Sunday evening welcome (May 20) and will continue through Wednesday morning (May 29).

Venue: We are finally going to Gorongosa National Park for BugShot!! To get an idea of the amazing diversity you can check out their website or you can.

Price includes: All scheduled course activities, lodging, meals, and transportation to/from the airport in Puerto Maldonado.

Price does not include: drinks/snacks from the bar, laundry service, tours taken during the unscheduled day and anything else not listed as part of the formal workshop.

If you wish to bring a non-participating friend or spouse, they are welcome to stay at the lodge during the course pending availability. Contact Kendra ( for details.

Registration by mail: Offline registrations are welcome! Contact Kendra ( ASAP to reserve your place manually and arrange alternate payment.

Cancellation policy is as follows:
– prior to Feb 1st: 100% refund minus $200 cancellation fee
– prior to Feb 1st: 50% refund minus $200 cancellation fee
– no refunds after March 1st, 2016

For more details, visit .


BugShot 2016/Peru:
Proposed Schedule of Events

John Abbott (
Thomas Shahan (
Alex Wild (

Saturday, July 30, 2016: Hello!
6:00pm Arrival Refugio Amazonas
7:00 Dinner
8:00 Welcome to BugShot
9:00 Instructors top tips
10:00 Open (night photography, blacklighting, sleep)

Sunday, July 31, 2016
7:00-8:00 Breakfast
8:00 Photography Basics
9:00 Field Session 1: group 1 (Thomas), group 2 (John), group 3 (Alex)
11:00 Open Time
12:00 Using a White Box
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Open Time
4:00 Field Session2: group 1 (Alex), group 2 (Thomas), group 3 (John)
6:00 Open Time
7:00 Dinner
8:00 Intro to Entomology Tips and Tricks to Insect ID
9:00 Open (night photography, blacklighting, sleep)

Monday, August 1, 2016
7:00 Breakfast
8:00 Methods of Magnification
9:00 Field Session 3: group 1 (John), group 2 (Alex), group 3 (Thomas)
11:00 Open Time
12:00 Lighting & Flash
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Open Time
4:00 Hands on Specialized Techniques: Focus Stacking
6:00 Open Time
7:00 Dinner
8:00 Natural History Talk (Alex Wild)
9:00 Night Walk/ Blacklighting

Tuesday, August 2, 2016
7:00 Breakfast
8:00 Free Day: Enjoy a trip to see the world famous Chuncho Macaw clay lick or any of the other tours offered
5:00pm Cognisys: Time Laps and virtual objects
7:00 Dinner
8:00 Natural History Talk (Thomas Shahan)
9:00 Night Walk/ Blacklighting

Wednesday, August 3, 2016
7:00 Breakfast
8:00 Composition
9:00 Field Session 4: group 1 (Thomas), group 2 (John), group 3 (Alex)
11:00 Open Time
12:00 Image Processing
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Open Time
4:00 Hands on Specialized Techniques: High-speed Flash
6:00 Open Time
7:00 Dinner
8:00 Natural History Talk (John Abbott)
9:00 Night Walk/ Blacklighting

Thursday, August 4, 2016
7:00 Breakfast
8:00 Insect Identification from the week- submit and ID
9:00 Field Session 5: group 1 (Alex), group 2 (Thomas), group 3 (John)
11:00 Open Time
12:00 Panel Q&A; topics TBD by group interest (all)
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Open Time
4:00 Field Session 3: group 1 (John), group 2 (Alex), group 3 (Thomas)
6:00 Open Time
7:00 Dinner
8:00 Photo Sharing
9:00 Night Walk/ Blacklighting

Friday, August 5, 2016
**Breakfast and time of departure will be determined by guides and departure times of participants. **

*Itinerary subject to change


$3200 Classic (triple occupancy)
$3400 Superior (triple occupancy)
$3700 Superior (double occupancy)

Classic Rooms
Rooms overlooking the tropical rainforest allow guests to enjoy this unique ecosystem, even during their down time. Wild monkeys and birds are often visible from our signature windowless veranda, which also provides excellent ventilation. The rooms are built with local materials such as wood, bamboo, adobe mud and palm trees. Rooms are double or triples, as requested. Each bed is equipped with its own mosquito net. Each room has a spacious private bathroom with hot water. Numerous kerosene lamps and candles provide the lighting. Electricity is found in rooms but internet is only available in the common areas of the lodge.

Superior Rooms
The fascinating sounds and colors of the forest are important elements of the experience during your stay in our Superior rooms. The entire decoration is based on Yanchama, a natural bark that is “harvested” by artisans from Eseeja community of Infierno. The rooms are single, double or twin, as requested, Each one is equipped with a bed, a mosquito net, two hypoallergenic pillows per person, a hammock and a reading table. Rooms have spacious private bathrooms with hot water. Electric lighting is available in the evenings until 10:00 pm, at your bedside table, your bathroom and an outlet to charge your electronics. Free Internet is available in every room.

Refugio Amazonas Lodge Amenities
– Natural Construction – An airy lodge built from traditional materials such as wood, palm fronds and clay.
– Rooms – Each room comes equipped with a private bathroom, and a common area for dining and socializing.
– Bedrooms are separated from one another by light cane fencing. Rooms are private but not soundproof.
– Raised Boardwalks – Four wings of 8 rooms connected by raised boardwalks
– Private Bathrooms– All of the bathrooms at Refugio Amazonas are private.
– Hot Water -Hot water is available in this and all of our other lodges.
– Dining Room and Loft – The dining room is a huge open building with a loft on the second story for an eye level view of the surrounding rainforest canopy.
– Great for Children – Refugio Amazonas has a rainforest trail and a children’s playground.
– Wellness Center – Refugio Amazonas contains a wellness and holistic center for massages and aromatherapy.
– Each visitor has access to a personal safe-deposit box, an umbrella for rain and a special set of eco-friendly amenities.
– Electricity – A 110V generator is turned on once a day to recharge batteries for guests or lodge facilities. At night it is very dark, so we recommend good flashlights. Light is provided by numerous lamps and candles.
– Communication – Refugio Amazonas is in daily contact with our offices in Puerto Maldonado and Lima via internet, satellite phone and hf radio.
– Mosquito Nets – All rooms have mosquito nets over the beds, bedside tables and a rack of clothes hangers.
– Jungle Views – Bedrooms open out onto the surrounding rainforest, allowing guests to enjoy this unique ecosystem even on their downtime, with wild animals, including monkeys, often visible from the lodge.

Refugio Amazonas Wildlife

Monkeys such as:
Saddle Backed Tamarins
Squirrel Monkeys
Brown Capuchin Monkeys
Red Howler Monkeys
Dusky Titi Monkeys

You can also spot:
Parrots at a clay lick
Mixed species tanager flocks
Caymans and capybaras on the river banks
Be sure to ask about active harpy eagle nests in the area


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The fee for the workshop includes:
• Daily one-on-one and group instructions from Alex, Thomas, and John.
• Daily instruction on macro photography
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner on days of the workshop are included (as indicated in itinerary)
• Entrance to Amazon Reserve
• Lodging is included on days of workshop (as indicated in itinerary)

The fee for the workshop does NOT include:
Drinks/snacks from the bar, laundry service, tours taken during the unscheduled day and anything else not listed as part of the formal workshop.

Cancellation policy is as follows:
– prior to June 1st: 100% refund minus $100 cancellation fee
– prior to June 14th: 50% refund minus $100 cancellation fee
– no refunds after June 14th, 2016

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Camera Equipment & Clothing

Equipment Recommendations:
At a minimum you will need to bring a camera and lenses capable of close-in photographs, as well as an off-camera flash. We recommend an SLR camera with a 1:1 or greater macro lens. Alternately, a set of extension tubes, bellows, or a reverse-mounted lens kit can provide suitable magnification. Point-and-shoot camera with a Raynox filter and flash mount are also acceptable.

Clothing & Supplies
While you pack, keep in mind a Peruvian will be porting your luggage quite a distance to your room, so be friendly with the weight! 🙂 What you pack and take on the boat as a carry on you will port that up about 150 stairs, just FYI! That will only be done once, when you get there.
• Weather May- October is generally between 78F and 93F. The average nighttime low is between 66F and 78F.
• Cold fronts from Argentina can sweep into southwestern Amazonia and push daytime highs down to 50° F (9° C) and the nighttime lows to 43° F (5° C). This is not that common and we hope it does not happen but you may want one warm shirt.

Things to consider when packing for Refugio Amazonas:
• They provide shampoo and soap, they try to use eco freindly products that do not hurt the environment
• No electrical converter needed, the power is 110V at Refugio. Note however in most of Peru, the outlets are 240V, but most electronic devices these days are equipped with a 110-240 switchable power source; you should check your devices. Also a 3 prong to 2 prong adapter is always smart when traveling internationally. There will be 1-3 outlets in each room.
• No carry on over 8kilos or 17lbs on South American flights (you will not always get checked but we did once on 4 flights and we were WAY over and they let us on)
• Lithium batteries put in carry on and technically they should not be touching one another
• If you are going to stay in Lima for extended time please stay in Miraflores. A cab is between 30-40 US dollars you should arrange transportation with your hotel. Cab rides can be 35 min-2hrs depending on traffic. Some areas in Lima can be dangerous but Miraflores is relatively safe and has amazing food.
• If you stay near airport in Lima for one night the Ramada is good
• Water bottle for day hikes
• Tipping in general in South America is 10%
• If you are going to travel to other places in South America or stay longer, you can leave extra bags at Peru nature
• Some books you may want to read to get familiar with the neotropics: Neotropical companion and 67 Questions About the Rainforest
• Binoculars
• NO hairdryer or flat irons
• Try to conserve energy at Refugio Amazonas, they run on propane and solar, so energy is limited
• Bring flip flops (to walk around at the lodge) no shoes allowed on the deck other than flip flops. The deck gets REALLY hot during the day so you will want something on your feet.
• Insect spray
• Hat
• Sunglasses
• Batteries
• Gold bond powder
• Dry bags for equipment
• Head lamp
• Lots of birds here, if you would like to photograph birds bring appropriate equipment
• Electricity and Internet only on 3 times a day around meals
• Bring small battery fan for sleeping at night, it can be very hot and humid under the mosquito nets
• Tight-weave, light colored, long cotton pants
• Long sleeved, tight-weave, light colored cotton shirts
• Rain suit or poncho
• Large cities and the folks at Refugio Amazonas will take US dollars
• Small denomination US bills (They will only accept crisp US bills with no tares or writing on them)
• Small day-pack

Getting There

How To Get To Refugio Amazonas
Airline Tickets
***The airport code for Puerto Maldonado is PEM. You will need to fly into Puerto Maldonado airport by 1 PM on July 30th so that you can join the Rainforest expedition team to get you to the river and to the Lodge that day. There are several flights into Puerto Maldonado but do NOT use LA 2081. Your flight leaving Puerto Maldonado should leave after 12:30pm on August 5th to allow time for the boat to leave the lodge and get you to the airport. (Do not to use Star Peru or TACA/Avianca for departure, they leave too early)***

Refugio Amazonas requires at least four hours of travel time. Refugio Amazonas is three and a half hours upriver from Puerto Maldonado. To get to Refugio Amazonas you must fly to Puerto Maldonado from Lima or Cusco on daily commercial flights lasting 30 or 90 minutes respectively. From the airport you are transported by bus to the Infierno River Port where you board our boats for the 3 and half hour trip to Refugio Amazonas. Refugio Amazonas is a few minutes walking from the river.